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Having always had my childrens castoff phones I've decided its time I upgraded to my very own, brand new out of the box smart phone, but which one?

I'm currently using my sons nearly 3 year old HTC Desire (i think), with my old 02 "pay up front for life" sim card, using free wi=fi. Started as a tester to see if I liked it and I do, only down side being the battery life. Do all smart phones now eat battery life? It's sat on my desk half the time and still needs charging up every other day.

I'm tempted by another HTC, probably one of the more basic models. I see Teso's do have some good deals on at the moment and as they share 02's network I know I will get coverage where I live.

Anybody got any advice/thoughts please? The more I look at the moment the more confused I am!


  • SashaDella
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    Pretty much all smart phones drain battery - I have an Iphone 4 and HAVE to charge it everyday.

    Its because there are so many applications and the use of the internet drains it the most.

    Im not sure about what kind of smart phone, but if you like the HTCs then that is a good place to start.

    Also you could look at other androids like Samsung (S5 - i think its called) or a Nokia..

    Best to go into an o2 shop and ask for advice and then see where you can get the best deal for the phone you want.
  • Jan
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    "Best to go into an o2 shop and ask for advice and then see where you can get the best deal for the phone you want. "

    Going into York tomorrow, so might just do that (with daughter to hold my hand !). Got a better idea of what I want
    now, toss up between a NTC and Nokia.
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    The best deals are usually online. Still with the same networks, and often even buying directly from the same network whose shops couldn't even match their own online deals! It'd have to be an excellent deal before I purchased a phone and contract from a shop nowadays.

    If you use money cashback sites such as Quidco or Topcashback, you can expect to also make anything up to £100 cashback by buying your phone and contract online.

    I'd visit a shop to get a feel for all the different operating systems (they are very different), choose your phone and tariff, then go away and get it cheaper (or more for your money online). I find that staff in phone shops are far too keen to get you signed up to expensive contracts without really listening to what you actually want (eg, going on about unlimited calls, even though you've just told them you only use it for emergencies etc).

    Depending on your usage, it can sometimes work out cheaper to buy the phone on a pay as you go basis, and then shop around for a pay as you go SIM card to pop in it. I always compare the total costs over the full length of the contract and the results are often surprising.

    For what it's worth, I have a Galaxy S3 and it's lovely (runs on Android). It's very customisable and as its so big, it's easy to use for the Internet. On the other hand, an iPhone does not let you customise much which is fine if you are not that bothered with that side of things, and I've always found iPhones to be very reliable (but too expensive now as the rest of the market has caught up and even perhaps overtaken them). I made the switch from Apple back to Android and am very happy that I did.
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    I personally would go to Carphonewarehouse. I have been with T-Mobile for years and they advised me to upgrade through them (but still with T-Mobile), as you get an unlocked mobile. This way you can chop & change networks after your contract without any hassles.
    With regard to which phone, that is personal preference!

    I love HTC, but my better half doesn't and she thinks Samsung are better, lol.

    If your going for the HTC, look at the HTC One or Samsung S4. They are the latest phones out and have very good reviews so far. At least with one of these 2, you'll have the most up to date phone to last you the next couple of years.

    Just my honest opinion :001_smile:

    What ever you decide, make sure you try it out first and decide what you want out of the phone!!
  • blobbyh
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    Since you're after a budget phone Jan, I'd definitely also recommend Carphone Warehouse. I have two contract mobiles for my kids with Talk Mobile which uses the Vodafone network.

    Basic HTC model (running on one of the latest versions of Android):

    'Basic' Nokia model (though even a basic Nokia is as good as most other mid range other brands - running Window mobile 8 which is actually pretty decent despite supposedly bad reviews):

    Nokia's also have built in superior sat nav so they truly are multi functional devices and the build quality is always exceptional, the best of any brand.

    Both £7.50 a month with reasonable allowances.
  • Jan
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    Thanks for the replies, those were the two phones I had been looking at Robert.

    Wanted to stick with 02 really, reception is good in the village I live in so didn't want to risk changing provider. Realised also that I had a decent, if old phone, so why waste it. Ended up signing for a 12 month tariff for £11 a month, which is about what I was spending anyway. 300 minutes, plus 200 o2 to o2 (son & hubbie on 02 so handy) + data.

    Daughter says if this one dies, she has just upgraded hers, so looks as if I'm going to be a second hand rose for a while yet! And it is "green" :lol:
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    I had an android phone (LG) which was a load of pants, ended up having to get it exchanged while still under warranty and went with the Nokia Lumia 710 with Windows 7.5, now updated to 7.8 and I would not change away from Windows phone. I use Skydrive on my PC for saving documents which I can now view on my phone if need be, built in SatNav which stays updated without having to have a separate contract.

  • blobbyh
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    I have a Lumia 710 on contract for my daughter and it's an excellent phone once you get used to the Windows platform. Although I currently have a very high end HTC, I've always rated Nokia's: the build quality is always excellent and everything works exactly as it should (unlike Samsung's where everything - both hardware and software - falls apart after a few months... and not just their mobile phones either).

    The built in Nokia SatNav function is fantastic and I still use my old N8 for driving to unknown places.
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    It might be cheaper buying the phone you want sim free, not locked to a network, then joining giffgaff on the 02 network (owned by the same parent company). They are contract free and very cheap, especially if you want unlimited data. They can transfer your current number across too, mine was transferred without any problem and the service is good. Google giffgaff.
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