RTI for Nil Salary Director

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Hi all,

If a Director recieves no salary at all (due to being 87 years old and rarely in the office), should they be registered on RTI?

A few years ago (before my time) the previous Accountants stated that he needed to be on the payroll but didn't need paying - This is how it has remained until now. With RTI coming in it looks like if this is continued, he will be automatically removed by HMRC after a period of time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • groundy
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    If he is the only member of staff then write to HMRC to request to close the PAYE scheme with effect from 5 April 2013, therefore avoiding RTI. If there are other staff earning above LEL then he will need to be kept on the payroll but out on hold as no pay
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    I was speaking to someone yesterday compaining that since RTI's come in she can no longer get sage to generate nil payslips - it's not something I've ever tried doing (and I don't use sage), but maybe this function has been disabled to prevent you reporting that no pay is due to the employee for the period (ie because HMRC don't want to know this).
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