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Hi i'm new to this forum and to aat, just wanted some of your advise.
I'm a bit confused at the moment as to whether i'm doing the right thing...
At the moment i'm a self employed plumber, last year i paid £1500.00 to do the first part of my gas course (another £2000 to finish it, still to pay),halfway through last year i had a knee op and have been off work for 6 months, in this time i was wondering whether i wanted to carry on as a plumber. I started plumbing 9 years ago, but it has changed a lot recently with so many new plumbing companies around so a lot of competition and not much work, a lot of time spent at home or looking for work.
I've always been very numerical and enjoy doing my accounts so i started self studying aat, but i'm just not sure whether i'm doing the right thing. I'm worried that i may get bored of working in an office all the time, and is there much work out there. I would like to become self employed again.
Any advice much appreciated.


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    Hi Dan, its good to look at different options, and if you have the chance to study whilst still plumbing, that could be a great idea. As you get older, and if you have knee problems, then plumbing could get more difficult for you, so its good to have a plan B.
    With regard to plumbing "changing a lot recently" all jobs/industries do! and likewise with finance, you will need to do continued professional development (CPD) to keep up to date with changes in the law, technology etc.
    You could find that with plumbing experience, and with an AAT qualification, it could lead you into finance in the construction industry, in a more specialised way.
    Its difficult to answer "is there much work out there?" as it depends on where you are? can you travel far? how much do you need to earn? but if you keep reading the forums, this may give you an idea. Lots of people are finding it difficult to get into finance, and having qualified with AAT last year, I am finding it challenging to get a higher grade job where I can fully use my AAT knowledge and skills, as there are very few jobs around in this area now.
    Good luck,
  • dan1983
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    Thanks for your response
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