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hey guys just completed my first AAT exam and passed (yay !!)

i was just wondering, looking at the results paper i was given and that there were some questions where i 'exceeded', 'met' and 'did not meet' expectations, does anyone know what the grade boundaries were for each grade

e.g. you get 80% and above in a question and you 'exceed' while 60-79% you just meet expectations



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    I was told this.....

    Did not meet - you either failed it (perhaps only one question and you got it wrong or perhaps 10 and you got 6 wrong) or there were no questions in the exam on that particular topic
    Exceeded - maybe only 1 question on that topic and you got it right, in other words, the only feedback available is 'did not meet' or 'exceeded'
    Met - perhaps 3 questions and you got 2 right, perhaps 10 questions and you got 6 right.
    Borderline - maybe 2 questions and you got 1 right and 1 wrong.

    Basically, the feedback doesn't really give you an indication of how you actually did.

    What I find strange is that if a topic is not examined, you show as 'did not meet' despite getting no questions on that topic wrong. And depending on the number of questions in any particular topic, only certain feedback is possible. So even if you got 100%, your feedback would show a mixture of responses.

    I read this on a forum and queried it with AAT when I called them about something else. They confirmed it. From then on, I took no notice of the feedback as if true, I don't think it tells you anything useful. I'm fairly sure that I've sat exams and parts of the syllabus were not examined yet still showed up in the feedback sheet.

    Of course, this could all be rubbish, but I can only go by what I was told by an AAT employee..........
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    I would like to know if that's correct, I have to say I found it disheartening to see 'did not meet' and I always thought that meant I had got the question wrong.

    I have taken other exams since and had a mixture of met and exceeded on everything, so I'm not sure how it works.

    Perhaps StewartW could clarify?
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    I agree, I'd like to know what they actually mean? It's a bit open ended.
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    I have to agree that the resulting from AAT is not very clear or helpful. I do think there should be a way of even online you could see the paper you sat and where you went right or wrong. I think this would be especially helpful to people who do not pass so they could see where they went wrong.
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    I would imagine if you could log on online and see the the exam you sat, there would be a slight issue of the control on showing others on what thier exam may look like.
    If the AAT where to do this they would need to produce a unique exam for everybody who sits the exam, which would cost a lot more £££'s.
    In my opinion the print outs showing where you exceed, met, boardline, NYC are enough.
    Id be happy with just a pass/fail.
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    My tutor has said in the past dont take any notice of the ones you pass only the ones you fail on, and I totally agree with the above comment if we wanted to know exactly where we went wrong it would be hard for AAT, its not meant to be easy we are learning a qualification not just being told what to do afterall.
    I think we are pretty lucky at AAT we get a shed load of support, its cheap, we can choose when we take our exams, level 2 & 3 you find out straight away and we get the right info from the 'feedback sheets'.
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    it would be nice to show what question you got wrong rather saying the section numbers
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    Would this really help? I mean, who can remember the questions from the exam... and they are all random as no two students should have the same exam.
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