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Planning studies for exams

sedindriukesedindriuke Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 28
i wanted to ask you guys how you plan your studies and set exam dates... do you set exam day (for example after 2 months and then you give yourself those 2 months to study one subject) or how... you finish the book, tutorials, mock exams and then set a date for exam?

How are your strategies?

I am planning to go for BA1&2 exams on the same day... maybe to unrealistic... but it would save me time, money if I need to go to London for exams (from Aberdeen..)

Thank you for any advices!


  • steve2008steve2008 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 89
    You should't have to travel to London. I've just had a look at the list of exam venues for external candidates and there is a "Pitman training" one in Aberdeen. I don't know what training provider you are with, but I would hope they would let you take exams there. Normally there is a fee to be paid to the place where you sit the exam on top of the exam fee, I pay £10.

    Doing BA1 and BA2 at the same time is quite normal, some providers teach them both together too.

    As far as booking your exam, I have heard some people say it takes a fair while for a slot to be booked. The exam center I use normally only needs 1-2 weeks though. I'd suggest sorting out where you will take the exams and ask them how far in advance you have to book as you won't want to be sitting around waiting too long after being happy you are ready for the exam.

    Personally I pick a target date pretty early on to motivate me to study but i don't book the exam until I have passed at least one of the mock tests and I am happy with the content of it.
  • sedindriukesedindriuke Feels At Home Registered Posts: 28
    Thanks Steve!
  • CharlotteSCharlotteS Feels At Home Registered Posts: 26
    I agree with Steve. For level 2 I waited until i'd finished each module, then booked the exam and revised and did mocks whilst I was waiting to sit it. Since starting level 3 though i've tended to book the exam as soon as I start studying for each module as without a deadline I found it really hard to get motivated to study.

    Good luck!
  • sedindriukesedindriuke Feels At Home Registered Posts: 28
    Thank you CharlotteS.

    And Steve was write, Pitman training is an exam center in Aberdeen..phew... But AAT website do not show any tr.providers 50 miles around Aberdeen (in section find a tr. provider)... stupid lists then.. Thanks guys!
  • billdoorbilldoor Well-Known Registered Posts: 129
    I concur that you shouldn't need to go to London. I use BPP and have sat exams at three different test centres, each time I book about 1-2 weeks in advance but it depends on the size of your chosen centre.

    My plan from Level 2 (am on Level 4 now) has remained the same; I start a module with a rough idea of when I want to sit the exam and that's my target. I then read the text book and when I've finished that, I book the exam. Then I have however long I've allowed myself to do the Question Bank (BPP book), do practice assessments, re-read any sections etc.

    I think the key thing is to have a target date for the exam but only book it when you're happy that you'll be ready. That way you don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself and you're also not sat waiting when you could have sat the exam earlier.

    Good luck.:thumbup1:
  • sedindriukesedindriuke Feels At Home Registered Posts: 28
    Thank you. I have finished my BA1 book, now some practise, then BA2 time :)) Enjoying, but really need to set the dates as a target to keep motivated.
  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    sedindriuke, think you just confused Training Providers and Assessment Centres; generally it doesn't matter where your training provider is if you're distance learning, they provide your materials and tutor support; the exam centres are independent organisations (training companies, colleges etc) that have agreed to provide AAT exams to external candidates for a fee (the Pitman my way charges £35 plus VAT on top of the AAT exam fee, so not cheap and you can see why they do it as it's easy money for them!). On the myAAT page look for the 'Find an Assessment Venue' link in the 'Computer Based Assessments' box on the left hand side - almost every city has at least one venue.

    In answer to your question - for me it really depended on the what exams were available when; some venues offered short-notice bookings on a regular basis, so I waited until I'd finished each unit before booking; some venues offered one sitting a month, in which case I booked when I started the unit. You just have to feel it out, find out how much notice you need to give and get an idea for how long it takes you to do each unit.
  • sedindriukesedindriuke Feels At Home Registered Posts: 28
    Thank you CeeJaySix.

    If Pitman training asks 35 plus VAT it would be cheap as Edinburg college answered me the exam costs 70 pounds.. (so plus a trip to Edinburg... blah.. really cost inefficiency :D)
    I didnt register to AAT student membership as I wanted to find the place where I am goint to sit my exams... Pitman Training said they are the exam center. So I hope the price is reasonable.
    I will register to AAT student membership and I will find those exam centers as you all mention...

    And yes in AAT website I was using FIND A TR.PROVIDER..so yes if exam centers are different place, so it got me confused then. Thanks for all!
  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    £70 is about right as you pay the AAT exam fee (£35) to them as well as their own centre fee - I'd guess the price Edinburgh have quoted you includes both. Once you've registered with AAT you'll be able to search all the local centres and go from there.
  • MissLesleyMissLesley Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    I e-mailed Pitman in Aberdeen, and was told that for level 2 exams they charge £75, and level 3 is £80. I thought that was pretty reasonable as for level 2 I travelled to Glasgow to the Kaplan centre and it was £48 per exam and plus train fares, it worked out to about the same. At least this way I'm cutting out all the travel time which left me tired! But I agree that its always best to look around and see what works best for you. Its not cheap this self studying, but I see it as an investment so it will be worth it in the end!!
  • sedindriukesedindriuke Feels At Home Registered Posts: 28
    Hi MissLesley, thanks for your two cents.
    Oh Glasgow is much cheaper, and if you can get cheap megabus tickets it seems reasonable to try to go to Glasgow... but yeah: time, find the Kaplan center in Glasgow and you have to spend all the day in fact and then better to go to take two exams per day...
    Do you have an email of Glasgow Kaplan center or need to call them? Thanks again!
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