URGENT looking for a distance learning provider

jim jam
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hi guys,
i am new here. i had some experience long time ago in the feild. Someone told me to take AAT skill check test to see what level i was in . The result was level3 . I was so happy for that but i had to be a distance learner with no choose. at the moment i am working for the service sector which is not related to accountancy at all or giving me a proper work schedule to study regularly.
So iam looking for a good distance learning provider . Can any one has got good or bad experiences with kaplan, bbp, eagle or premier etc. please share with me. or shall i try to buy their book and just attant to exam?
i spent lots of time and money before for the different courses with ending up exausting bad experiences ....thats why i am little bit concern to choose one.please i realy need to find a right way to deal with my study to get through all the exams successfuly ..
many thanks for everyone


  • cruncher
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    HELP: distance learning provider AAT Level 3

    I too have asked the same question - but no-one seem to have an opinon

    here is what I have learned so far

    e-learning £985
    5 exams @ 53 each Crawley
    I found an errors in their online demonstrations

    Seem to be the best I can find so far

    Home Learning College
    Expensive and gave inconsistent information on the cost of their courses
    How much does it all cost (Level 1-4)- £3.5k
    -then when you call them the price was nearly £1.8k for level 3

    BPP online classroom
    asking where the exams are

    First Intuition
    Exams are London, Cambridge, Maidstone and Reading
    £250 per module x 7 plus exams

    Anymore advise, help or guidance would be very much appreciated
  • Spamkebab
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    Premier Training & Eagle Education are the best options in my opinion, if only i had heard of them before booking with Kaplan.

  • charlotte224466
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    Im studying with eagle (recommended by my partner who also trained with them) they are great! Always happy to help and get back to you when they say they will. They take a very unique approach to learning and provide you with a 'study buddy' this is a folder that basically explains everything you need to know, they also provide you with osborne AAT books but to be honest I rarely used them (only to do the practice questions) as I found the study buddy provided me with all the information I needed. I found Eagle to be the cheapest as well. I have one exam left to sit and passed all of them first time, Ive managed to do this in about 7months. No complaints about eagle at all!
  • CeeJaySix
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    Popular opinion on here is Premier or Eagle, I've used Premier and more than happy with them, you can sit exams in pretty much any city. Kaplan and BPP are the biggest and well-reputed but you do pay a bit more for them. If reviews are to be believed, steer clear of HLC.
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