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I have done 2 exams on my level 3 and I thought that it would be useful for me to try and find some work experience but Im really struggling to get anywhere. Every accountancy firm I ask them tell me that they have no vacancies and every job I apply for I dont get a response or I get an email saying I have no relevant work experience. Its so frustrating!!! Im just going round in circles.

I have no family or friends that could help me out either. Has anyone struggled with this? I just need to keep my head up and keep applying but its so hard when I just keep getting knocks back. Can anyone offer any advice on how to find a work placement or a job please?


  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi lana,
    have you tried volunteering? It doesn't pay (or maybe some travel expenses) but it is a great way to gain a bit of experience. I was treasurer for my children's school PTA when I was doing level 2 and 3 and not only I enjoyed the experience but it gave me something to add to my CV.
    Try this website , there may be something in your area?
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    Hi Lana,

    Even i had the same problem.but finally i got one work placement in an accounting firm called St Marys(its unpaid).But you will get relevant accounting practical experience which is more important.please go through this website .

    I wish it may help you

  • lana265
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    Thanks for the advice. Ill give both a try
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