Another RTI question

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A client of mine employs people on an irregular basis. I've been filing RTI submissions fine for him, but this week I've been given time sheets for one man who's quite a few hours over the past TWO weeks - i had no idea last week that he'd been working that week as he often goes months without doing any hours at all. The hours done in each week are both below the LEL and therefore if I'd processed last week's correctly at the time he'd have no NI to pay either week, but now as I'll be paying him the total of the 2 weeks tomorrow he will end up paying NI and the employer will have NI to pay too.
Would it be wrong to date the payment that relates to last week as 18/04/2013? It doesn't really seem fair that both employee and employer should be hit with NI just because his timesheet wasn't in on time.


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    I'd do one payslip for 18/04 and one for 25/04. Not allowed under RTI I know, as the 18/04 payslip should have bern declared to them on or before 18th, but I think they are allowing you to file late at the moment with no penalties. And then tell him how important it is to get the timesheets in on time going forward.....!
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