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Hi all,

Ok,so I am starting this daunting project and I have an case study "ICAS 2 Inkwell Ltd

Now I am not too sure on the area we are supposed to do...

Can I pick a certain problem like security, or does it have to be a system like payroll and then discuss how the security is lacking?

Would appreciate any help and thank you in advance.



  • Malcolm Green
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    Hi Jade,

    Lets get you started on a Positive!

    This project first of all should not be viewed as daunting, with the right motivation, planning and help from the forum together with all the other resources that are available should give you every confidence of being able to complete this without too much trouble.

    The best way to understand what you need to demonstrate and show you have covered in your project would be to have a look at the AAT ICAS assessment guidelines.

    I have attached a copy for you.

    Attachment not found.

    Based on this for your report you will need to identify areas of weakness in the business looking at systems and processes together with the risk to the business of fraud and your recommendations for improvement based on your CBA findings and any other training needs you have identified.

    There are a number of different roads you can go down from the case study you have been given.

    All down to where you feel most comfortable to complete the project and what you really need to think about is what the end result will need to look like first and how you will be able to tick off all of the assessment areas for this which you have been given from your own background research/findings and may well mean picking payroll could be a good choice for you.

    I trust this information will be of assistance and all the best for your project.
  • guinea pig
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    Hi Jade,
    I agree with Malcolm's advice, and again, don't let the thought of it overwhelm you. I started this by reading through several times, making notes, creating a SWOT report (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) & an organisation chart, and then I could see how the work and processes flowed within the department. Once you become more familiar with the situation, it should come together, and you will see the areas that need tackling.
    Good luck,
  • omega man
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    I had the inkwell case study too and i am now waiting for my tutor to pass off my latest draft my 4th to the internal verifier for final approval at long last.
    Yes i did find this very daunting, so much so, it has put me off altogether studying CIMA which also has a case study on it also.
  • emuratty
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    I had Inkwell too. You need to review an accounting system - so payroll, purchase ledger, sales ledger etc. There's loads of areas to choose from in this case study, payroll was the one that stood out to me as the easiest to put right. Started with a SWOT analysis and a Project Proposal that my tutor provided to complete, that then gave me a good basis for my report. Our college was good at giving us relevant section headings and advice about what to include in each section.
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