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Hi guys been working through the Kaplan engage practice exams - i have been marked incorrect in my consolidations for penny roundings.
Does anyone know if there is any give or take with that - as it does not specify in the question - any roundings.
Also has anyone ever passed this exam - but failed the written question in section 1 ? that is the part i am dreading most, and I am still struggling to remember all the fine points.


  • Malcolm Green
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    Hi Annie,

    We covered FNST at one of our student revision workshops and you may like to have a look at the presentations and notes we put together for this.

    We also looked CBA exam techniques.


    To pass the exam you will need to pass both sections, and do not be put off by the written parts which are human marked as I am sure with a good level of exam preparation work as you are doing and the right exam technique you should be fine.

    The main thing is not to miss or waste any marks, and for the written questions think about the format being asked of you for your answer as vital marks could be lost for not following this ie if you were asked to reply to a letter this would be different to that for an email etc.

    For rounding's the normal convention for this would be for values less than 5 round down and for 5 and above round up.

    Also for some tasks they will use follow on marking or own figure marking which means candidates will not be penalised twice for making a mistake.

    I trust this information will be of assistance and all the best with your exam preparations.
  • anniebabe
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    Hi Malcolm,
    Thank you for answering my query.
    I will have a look at the attachment.
    Looks like it will be very useful.
    Many thanks.
  • emuratty
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    I just passed financial statements and got either met or exceeded for everything, except the written question in part 1 where i got did not meet (was very surprised as I thought I'd answered the question really well).

    So yes you can pass if you mess up the written question if you get everything else pretty much spot on.

    BTW I emailed AAT to ask for further feedback on my written question, and they just told me to speak to my training provider to see where I went wrong !! I talked the question through with my tutor and she also thought I'd answered the question really well.

    If it helps my question was about Property, Plant and Equipment.
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595 Epic contributor 🐘
    thank you for the reply emuratty.
    I still have a few weeks to my exam, your written question sounds a bit odd doesnt it, oh well at least you passed.
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