Financial Performance results....

Wendgj Registered Posts: 16 New contributor 🐸
...... how long did you wait for your FP results? Or any results for exams taken recently. I took my FP exam yesterday for the 4th time :( Its the last one I need to qualify :)


  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595 Epic contributor 🐘
    mine was 6 weeks exactly.
  • emuratty
    emuratty Registered Posts: 66 Epic contributor 🐘
    6 weeks
  • redsunflower25
    redsunflower25 Registered Posts: 38 Epic contributor 🐘
    sat mine the 26th march, got results the 4th may, 5 weeks 2 days

    good luck, i resat this one loads and it was my last, you have my sympathies and best wishes!
  • missm4ry4m
    missm4ry4m Registered Posts: 177 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️

    Im re-taking this exam on the 25th of May.

    Worst exam so far, I think!!
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