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I have a potential new client who is currently with Christopher Lunn and Co. he is happy with the service he has received from them but he wants to move to me as he is a friend and I am much closer, just round the corner.

Christopher Lunn and co have been producing 2 sets of accounts for him, one as a Ltd Co and one as a Sole Trader.

I am reading up on this to understand why they did this and what I can do to ensure the current accounts are completed correctly.

I just wondered if anyone had any ex Christopher Lunn clients and if there is anything I should specifically be weary of or look out for?



  • Rachel
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    I am not 100% of the ins and ours but google it and you will find lots!

    I have got one now but he did a full disclosure under another firm.

    Basically he had under paid by a lot!
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