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Just got a quick question. I have a new client who is a sole trader painter/decorator, I think I am right in saying that he can put the cost of his protective overalls & safety boots through his business but can he also put an amount for laundry expenses through ?? Is there a HMRC set amount that is allowed as in some other professions - I cant seem to find it anywhere on HMRC website.


  • imeldabye
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    You could take a look at this, however it is for employed persons, I would say thought that the principle still employs to self-employed?
  • T.C.
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    Always a grey area....just be sensible with any laundry costs. Basically he needs to justify the costs. How often does he actually wash the much does it actually cost to wash them?
  • Janej
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    Thanks for your comments.
    I have had a look and think it may be more hassle than it is actually worth to allow for his laundry costs. Just couldn't seem to find it anywhere on HMRC website. :huh:
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