Is KBM a scam or real?

salih Registered Posts: 81 Epic contributor 🐘 Not sure if to do their training programme to get more experience including in sage payroll. Just wondering if this a scam or not before i decide.


  • blobbyh
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    Had a quick look and unlike the seemingly dodgy one from a couple of weeks ago, it looks okay to me - price dependent of course. If they're charging £1,000 for a short Sage course then that's not so good - for that price you could buy it yourself and learn at your own leisure - but if it's 'only' a couple of hundred for resources and expert help plus helps you land a job, you might think that's a worthwhile investment in your skills.

    However, despite how professional their website appears, looks can always be deceiving so always Google their name first and see what else you can find out about them before parting with any cash.
  • Yazi
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    Limited company so look them up on Duedil.
  • courtney16
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    As a student my experience with KBM has been awful. I left year 11 this year and KBM got in touch with me and asked me to attend an interview which I did and then told me I would have an apprenticeship there as I was successful and then leading up to my due date to start they become very hard to communicate with therefore I just turned up and a guy got me settled and told me what I would be doing and took a copy of my passport and told me I would be expecting a call from them by the end of that evening which I never received. Due to that I had been chasing them up with endless calls and emails and have had no contact back from them. Therefore I feel that the service they provided me with has been unacceptable and rude!
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