Pay Rise or Study Support?

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Hi All,

Just wondering what your thoughts are with this. Would you ask your employer for a pay rise or to pay for your studies? i'm thinking of studying for CIMA and it will cost me about £1300 a year.

Here's the situation, I have recently been contacted by a company for an interview for the position of an assistant management accountant, they're offering a competitive salary + study support (i haven't replied to them yet) but I am happy with my current employer and I'm the only person in accounts but this will change in the next 5 month as I'm getting someone to help me.



  • guinea pig
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    Hi littlemissme,
    It's tricky, weigh up all the facts, your employer may be impressed with your commitment if you ask for possible support, and they can always say no. If they did help, You would probably then be committed to paying back fees if you drop out, or leave the job.
    Interviews are good experience, and if you are offered the role, you can say no, if it doesn't seem the best option. When comparing jobs, also look at the pay, holidays, pension, travel to work, environment, security of company etc.
    Good luck,
  • bladesman
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    This is a hard one.
    I have been in the same situation for about 12 months now. I have been offered a post in a company much closer to myself but on roughly 2k more a year than what I am currently on. However since I have started AAT my employer has offered to support me up to and including level 4. I am lucky and with the support offered I.e exam leave as and when required and also full holidays on top to me it was a the perfect solution to stay with my current employer and take advantage of this support.

    It all comes down to personal preference and what will suit yourself. For me it was easy to decide. I wish you luck in your decision however
    I would advise you go to the interview just to see what is actually on offer.
  • Beautiful_bobo
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    My company supported me through level 2 AAT. But at the time I was not told that I would not get a payrise for many years and it only came out when it came to payreview and was told that because the compnay paid for one year of AAT I did not get a payrise. If I had known at the time I would of funded myself and requested a payrise.

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