Just feel like giving up as well

David Banner
David Banner Registered Posts: 28 ? ? ?

I thought I would take Rachel's approach as it appears to get more views!

I am looking for a suitable continuity partner for my MIP application. Any takers?

Kind regards



  • Antoinnette
    Antoinnette Registered Posts: 118 ? ? ?
    Hahaha.....good one! Would have offered but I am too far away to help.
  • Rachel
    Rachel FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 349 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Sorry I don't think I am suitable, why not email a selection of MIP from the AAT directory.

    I do geniunely need advice though my post wasn't for attention and I got brilliant help that I needed.
  • villapb
    villapb Registered Posts: 357
    I could help but ive given up accounting now...........gone to work for hmrc lol
  • villapb
    villapb Registered Posts: 357
    was joking about hmrc
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