AAT Website downtime!!!!!

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I got an email today to say my cbt results were available for financial performance having waited six weeks. However when I tried to log into the website it said the website was down till tuesaday 07/05/13! How can I get my results without having to wait till Tuesday??

Any advice would be very helpful!!




  • MarieNoelle
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    How frustrating!
    If you study at college, can you contact your tutor directly?
    Ours used to email us the results.
    Good luck,
  • SamiH
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    know how you feel. I've finally got my ICAS Project authorised by work and ready to upload, but it is going to have to wait until Tuesday :(
  • kimusher
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    I think it's crazy.

    I don't understand why they can't get all the testing done of the new site and then switch it over, possibly overnight? I've never known a site to be down for maintenance for such a long period of time. I'd be seriously questioning the development team / company.
  • Jo Clark
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    I understand all your frustrations, however is there ever a good time to do maintenance/implement upgrades?

    There is always going to be someone/some people who are not happy about it... It may not simply be a case of switiching something overnight and surely it is better to take a couple of days and get it right first time and on time... hopefully this is what the AAT web community team are doing.

    I hope you all receive positive results on Tuesday when you can access the MyAAT element of the website.
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  • SamiH
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    I'm fine with it, my ex-managers timing sucks though, lol

    I help run a car club, and we had to take the entire site down for a weekend for an upgrade, so I totally understand whats going on, and we had plenty of notice from AAT , so for me, its all good :)
  • Dahir Ahmed
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    Understandably, it's frustrating but I agree with Jo and like Sami stated, we had plenty of notice. Hope you've aced it though.
  • steve2008
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    Although I agree with everyone's statements about plenty of notice I think it is irrelevant to the opening post. They were not aware exactly when their results would be available and are in no control over the marking of the exams.
    If it takes AAT 6 weeks to mark a test then they should make some sort of provisions to receive the result as soon as it is available imo. Waiting 4 extra days is a bit much.
  • mhep
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    I called on Friday and spoke with someone totally unsympathetic. She seemed to feel that waiting until Tuesday was no big deal. Here is is Wednesday, and I still don't have access. I received an e-mail acknowledging the problem, and asking for my details so that I can get my results by email but there is still a delay of 24 hours.

    Pretty bad provisions on the part of AAT.
  • bladesman
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    I have to admit that this is pretty awful.

    I logged on yesterday and it had the wrong exams for me loaded on my profile. It advised me that I failed an exam in March when I did not even take one in March.

    Also my statement of achievements did not match my passed exams. I was promised a call back yesterday and never received one.

    I test system upgrades at work for ORACLE and if it does not work we do not release simple as that. I believe this was tested and it would have shown these bugs.

    Also from a personal point of view, I have an interview at work and at another possible college and they want to see my results.

    Work to prove I am doing what they have funded me to do and the college I want to go to is so I can start Level 3 in July however I have had to cancel both with possible consequences due to AAT website failures.

    Sorry if this is leading off topic but AAT need to seriously sort this out. People pay good money for there respective membership fees and the service is not living up to its reputation at this moment.

    (Rant over)
  • Kampione
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    I had my SPSW CBA on Tuesday that would complete level 3 for me. I wasn't able to upload the file, and was told that the centre would do it.
    I emailed the centre yesterday to check and they advised they had scanned my print offs and sent to the relevent team. However I only printed the ones asked for in the work book, so know that if they mark just the print offs it is likely I will not pass as I wouldnt of handed in atleast 70% of the work.
    I emailed asking if that is all they are going to mark, can they go on to the comupter I was using and atleast print it all off?
    Not heard anything back yet.
    Spreadsheets isn't difficult and am expecting to pass this, but now have the hassle of making sure all of it gets marked.

    Just to echo most the comment already, this is poor form.
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