Will I need full AAT membership to go ahead with ACCA?

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Hello guys,
according to this picture of the accounting qualifications structure I will need to complete the 1 year practical experience to be allowed to start the ACCA.. Is that true?
Cannot I start the ACCA when achieved the Level 4 Diploma?
Anyway, when usually employers starts hiring students? Is the Level 3 sufficient to get a job as a bookkeeper or as a junior positions?


  • stevef
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    The diagramme is showing the relationship between ACCA and CAT (ACCA's ownn qualification at Technician level), no reference is being made to AAT. What it is saying is that to start studying ACCA level 1 you need at least 2 A levels plus 3 GCE's. Advanced level CAT is the same as ACCA level 1. In other places in the ACCA blurb they list exemptions from some papers for AAT and other accounting bodies. You do not need any practical experience to start studying for ACCA membership (but it may help), but to move from completing level 3 exams, a graduate , to becoming a full member you need to gain 3 years practical experience.
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