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is anyone else experiencing problems getting into MyAAT? Its still taking me to the notification page saying that the site was down over the weekend.

I’m also getting prompts to change my password, even though I’ve already just changed it.

I was hoping to be able to use the Grenn light dashboards today.



  • StuartW
    StuartW Registered Posts: 472 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Hi KJH,

    Unfortunately we're experiencing a few teething problems after the weekend's maintenance, but we hope to be back up soon. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion while you wait.

    If you're taken back to the 'reset password' prompt after already resetting your password, you'll probably find you are in fact logged in (you'll see a green bar near the top of the screen with 'Dashboard', etc displayed) - in which case there's no need to reset your password again.


  • OlympicRudi
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    I'm having issues in that it won't let me log in, so I'm going in through the reset password link like it says. Then when I got to change my password it asks for my old one, which doesn't work & I can't get it to send me a new one as it just sends me the login link again?
  • OlympicRudi
    OlympicRudi Registered Posts: 55 Regular contributor ⭐
    Working now :)
  • sedindriuke
    sedindriuke Registered Posts: 28 Epic contributor 🐘
    Is still myAAT doesn't work, as I get 9th May message that its under construction... and there is no chance or place to try to login... just plain text and suggesting to use interactive AAT. Thanks.
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