Financial Performance Exam

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Hi all,

I wrote my FPE about 3 weeks ago and can not for the love of me forget about it, I know I have failed it as I didnt fill in two questions in section two, I'm gutted we are already half way into our next subject Personal Tax and I can't focus as all i keep thinking about is the re-take I'll have to do. I'm gutted as I studied my hardest for it and even ran out of time!! :( Feel like I'm at my wits end!!


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    Hi Vivfry,
    That is so frustrating, and I expect most of us have been in that situation when you come out of an exam and realised what you missed or forgot. At the moment there is nothing you can do, so stop beating yourself up, concentrate on the tax module, which is very different, and focus on passing that.
    You never know, you may have passed FP, if not, once you have done the tax exam, go back to it, get the feedback to see the problem areas, and concentrate on them.

    Good luck
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