Did anybody watch The Apprentice?

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Hi folks

How many of you watched The Apprentice last night? What did you think of it? Did Jaz deserve to get fired? She was quick off the mark to nominate herself as leader (as mentioned on the programme). She did make a good start by asking other members of her team as to what they expected of her. However, I did think there was a lack of good leadership and direction. Louisa and Leah were left arguing whereas Jaz messed up a bit when she actually needed to speak to the ‘decision maker?’

As you know, the lads won the round by £58 with Jason as the team leader. However, Neil seemed to have a strong presence throughout and the viewer was left to wonder who is actually the team leader ! Zee had a slight argument with Neil when he was trying to close in on a sale. I found it funny towards the end when Tim was trying to justify his actions during the round, although he was in the winning team! Tim was quiet throughout however.


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    can Tim not stay still when he speaks? the camera man's arm must be hurting him for trying to keep him on the screen
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    Hi Folks

    Did anybody see the 2nd episode? Do you think it was fair that Tim should have been in the girls team?

    Kurt was chosen as team leader by Alan Sugar for some reason! And Kurt did make the decision without any recommendation or tasting he beer!! In the end, they did lose approx. £123 and they had the figures calculated incorrectly, and also managed to loose 140 pints of beer!!

    Neil seemed to have some good ideas - but I feel that he is becoming a bit big headed. What do you think? It was also a bit funny to see Zee arguing with Tim over the pricing when Tim was offering the sale at a lower price! Tim's decisions seemed to be overruled on more than one occasion, and I felt that he needed to have more self confidence and determination. So, in a way, Tim had to go.
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