starting level 3 without level 2 at college

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I started studying level 2 a few months ago and once I got my head around double entry bookkeeping I started finding the course very easy and repetitive (I have a degree in a non related subject and six years work experience with some indirect accounting experience - I've been home with my two kids for three years now). My study stalled when the almost 3 yo broke her leg and stopped nursery. I will finish over the summer. I don't want to take the exam as it will cost £350 minimum.

I had hoped to start level 3 in September at a local college so I'd put both kids in nursery and have bit of a social aspect to studying and better motivation and support. However the college are being jobsworths as I don't already have level 2 or six months working in accountancy. Two distance providers have already said they'd accept me so I will do that if necessary or even stay self studying.

Any advice on whether its possible to get the college onside or should I even bother as it's more expensive anyway?



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    Personally I would suggest going down the distance learning route or self-study for level 3. As long as you can motivate yourself to do it it would be cheaper.

    I have a degree (in Maths) and am finding level 3 fine as self study, completed AP1, AP2 and Indirect Tax so far. I have not had any real problems in understanding the texts.
    Any questions you do have can be answered by fellow students here or

    I would suggest going through the level 2 books first, maybe doing the mock assessments on the AAT website just so you know you have covered that material.
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    I think distance or self study is probably better. College is being ridiculous and asking for GCSE and degree certificate. My degree is in classis and classical archaeology! Husband has maths degree so will get help if it gets harder than GCSE. I spoke to a few distance providers so I will do the maths and work out what option is best. If I can get the kids into nursery I can do it. They are 3 and 1 and exhaust me!

    I will study level 2 completely and will do the mocks when I enrol and register with AAT.
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