RTI successful submission and online services don't match- or should they?!

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Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I spent some time last evening with the RTI helpline but they weren't able to help...
I use the HMRC Basic Tools for 3 clients. Same issue with each. Successfully submitted P35 via Basic Tools 2012. However, this doesn't appear in the online account. Downloaded RTI Basic Tools and successfully submitted FPS for Month 1, but this doesn't appear on the online account either.
Are they not supposed to work in tandem with each other?
For one of the 2012-13 P35s there was a token £14.08 to pay (N.I secondary contribution in case you're wondering) which I duly paid. The online account shows no record of the P35 and therefore a debit of £14.08. It does however show the payment, so the account is in credit.
Can anyone shed light for me?


  • imeldabye
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    Just seen this:

    View account and current position

    HMRC are aware that since the 6th April the 2012/13 End of Year Return information in View account has not been updated with either payments or returns received.

    We are urgently working on resolving this issue and it is expected that the updated information will be available within the next few days. We will provide an update here when this issue is resolved.
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    Good old HMRC eh !!!!
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