Correcting share details - Companies house

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Hi there,
My friend has incorporated her business the DIY way before coming to me for help. She issued 100 £1 shares but has put down that its all paid for in cash. She also paid £100 into the bank to reflect this. The problem is that she had goodwill from being self employed and I have suggested she take advantage of this. I am going down the S162 route so part consideration for shares and the rest to Director's loan. Do I have to change the initial Statement of Capital at companies house to reflect the calculations I have made under S162? I have to at the very least state that it wasnt paid for in Cash. Is it possible to amend the original entries? Or do I have to issue some more ordinary shares at the date of incorporation and do it the right way with those. An added complication is that the company was incorporated in January. How would this affect things.

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