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One of my client's employees has been off sick since 12th March. Although I pointed out at the time that he was due SSP my client had various reasons/excuses not to pay it. He finally today agreed to pay him what he's due for the past 8 weeks. I've not yet filed the P35 for 2012/13. Should I be processing his SSP on a week-by-week basis (ie some falling due in 2012/13 and some in 2013/14) or just enter it as a lump sum paid this week?

Hope someone can help!



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    Hi Jodie
    Yes, technically you should be processing it week by week, dont forget to exclude the waiting days (think it may be 3 but check it out on the website) I think it may make a difference to the employees NI record if you just pay a lump sum.
  • JodieR
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    Thanks, I ended up calling the employers helpline and they confirmed that I must process it on a weekly basis. All sorted now!
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