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Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone knew...

Obviously AAT is changing from Sept but I have already done my ICAS this year along side my level 3.
Will this be valid if I start the new syllabus in sept or do I need to complete the old syllabus by December.
I have completed level 3 now so not sure the best thing to do.
College will be funded for me from September but I don't want to have to redo ICAS.

Thank you


  • anniebabe
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    I was under the impression that if you had started a level you had until 2014 to finish?

    From AAT Website:-
    How will this change affect you?

    The move to the new qualification will impact you differently depending on where you are at with your studies on 1 September 2013. If you are part way through a level on 1 September 2013, you will have until 31 December 2014 to complete all of your outstanding assessments on that level.
  • emma1990
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    oh wow amazing! i had heard it was by december 13!!

    Thank you
  • coojee
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    If you're going to college you need to find out whether they're following the old or the new syllabus. My guess is that they'll be following the new syllabus so you won't have the choice to complete under the old syllabus. If you are being transferred to the new one then there'll be a transitional assessment for ICAS to cover sustainability.
  • janwal
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    Hi Annie

    I am at college but know I am not going to complete by the time college finishes, so i will be going it alone, does this mean I will have until December 14.

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