Assets in business at cessation

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Hi brain is overloaded. ...can anyone help me with the following.

Cessation accts prepared for my client. 2x ipads being taken from business by directors on cessation. Value as per accts £750..... value as per current market value £500. What is the correct accounting transactions. .....sorry not done cessation accts before and just want to ensure I get everything correct. Im guessing lap tops goto directors loan...but was not sure re the other transaction. Also full AIA was claimed on ipads on purchase in last yrs accts...does this have an effect/will there be any balancing charges. Appreciate any help. Kind Rgds Vicki

Just realised this post is not very clear, directors have both taken an ipad each from the business on cessation but no monies have been exchanged. ..thus my debit to currently owes one Director about £400, and the other director about £80.
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