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Hi All,

I'm looking for some advice/guidance on the move from AAT to CIMA.

I'm trying to determine the answers to the following questions:

What is it like only sitting exams every 6 months
The difficulty level compared to AAT
How long does it take to complete CIMA

Any input would be great ... thank you!


  • Folander
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    AAT to CIMA

    Hi Molly,

    I moved on to CIMA from AAT and will be taking my strategic exams the week after next.

    In answer to your questions,

    Sitting exams every 6 months is fine, you soon get used to it. Tuition starts well before if you go to a college like Kaplan or BBP. With CIMA you have the option of retaking an exam 6 weeks after your results should you fail. It's only available for retakes.

    It is difficult but not impossible. There is more theory than AAT but a lot of what CIMA tests you on is based on what you have learnt in AAT. It just builds on from that.

    You can do one exam at a time if you like, or all 6 if you are particularly crazy. The norm is to take 2 at a time until Strategiclevel when you have to do all 3. I did 2 at a time and it's manageable.

    I hope I have answered your questions, I'd be happy to answer some more, this whole CIMA lark has taken over my life!
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