What are my chances of a successful appeal?

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I sat my indirect tax exam last Thursday, overall the exam went very well, however as i finished
the exam and clicked the finish button i was told my computer was offline and i wouldn't be able to find out my result there and then. I wasn't too bothered about this as i thought i would be able to find out the result at the latest the next day (how wrong was i to be).

After 4 phone calls to AAT and checking the website for at least 7 days my result was finally uploaded, to my surprise my result was "not yet competent". So i could start to think about the resit i emailed AAT to request a assessment report. After receiving the report after a few hours i looked at it and to me it looks very suspicious. It reads like this:

1.1 Met
1.2 Exceeded
1.3 Exceeded
1.4 Borderline
1.5 Met
1.6 Did not meet

2.1 Did not meet
2.2 Did not meet
2.3 Did not meet
2.4 Did not meet
2.5 Did not meet
2.6 Did not meet

To me it looks like the computer may have gone "offline" between 1.5 and 1.6 therefore the answers
not recording properly or at all for that matter, i don't want to rule out that i could have failed the last 7 sections but it does seem odd that i would pass the first 5 sections but then go on to fail the last seven.

Has anyone had anything similar happen to them and do you think i should appeal and what are my
chances of a successful appeal?

Sorry for the very long post!!

Any replies are greatly appreciated


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    I must admit I was expecting to read this and say, there's no point appealing, just accept that you didn't pass. However, having read the full post, I agree that it looks very suspect and I would certainly be appealing it. As it is computerised, it may never have been seen by a human, and if someone does look at it, it may be immediately obvious to them that something has gone wrong.

    I too have had the misfortune of a 'technical' issue during an exam, mine went offline and when it was eventually fixed I had to redo a whole page of questions. Luckily I had plenty of time so wasn't an issue but it does show that answers can get lost. I also suspect I had an issue in my Indirect Tax exam whereby the last question was only partly shown and I didn't have the option to scroll down further. It was almost like the page just got cut short. I spoke to the invigilator but as I passed anyway, I didn't bother taking it any further. I suspect my feedback would have shown me as not yet competent on that section though as I don't think I completed the question.

    If you are confident that the feedback does not reflect your results, I would definitely ask for it to be looked into.
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    Thank you for your response!!

    My only concern is that I've heard it costs £50 to make an appeal and it's £60 to resit. An appeal may not be successful whereas i feel i would more than definitely would pass a resit (don't want to sound to over confident), so for an extra £10 i can more than guarantee that i will get indirect tax out the way and forget about it.

    On the hand as its clearly a mistake by AAT surely any appeal should be free of charge.
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    I agree it should be free under those circumstances, and I would be pushing for that. But then I can be very stroppy when I feel it is justified.

    You're not asking for a re-mark, you are asking for a human eye to confirm that there are answers registered for those questions. To me that is different to an appeal or a re-mark. It's already clear that the technology failed that day.

    I'm hoping that common sense will prevail in this situation. Do let us know what they say when you call tomorrow.

    You sound confident that you passed, rather than just chancing your luck, so I really would push for a satisfactory answer in this case (and with no costs involved). I'd also be pushing for a refund of my exam fee for the stress and inconvenience if you are proved right (it would be a nice gesture and not an unreasonable request in the circumstances).
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