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I hate coming to moan about stuff in a forum as I would like to keep things civil most of the time, however I think it is time some one from AAT actually told us what is actually going on.

I sent an email last week and it was responded to me on Thursday 09/05/2013 advising that it should all be working fine the 13/05/2013.

I called on Wednesday the 08/05/2013 and was advised I will get a call back. I did not so I called again on 10/05/2013 asking once again what is happening and was advised I should be more considerate and told to be patient as I am not the only one in this situation. Also I was advised I should feel sorry for them coming in at the weekend to sort this out. :mad2:

I advised that I have had to postpone a couple of CPD's at work due to me not being able to prove my current results and there advice was to phone my college.

1) My employer spends alot of money with AAT and one of the benefits is that we should have instant access to our results.

2) The lack of information provided on your website is disgusting and contrary to what your staff say I do feel for others however my career development concerns myself and not anyone else.

3) You are supposed to be governing professionals and I think the way this "up"grade has been handles it has been less than professorial.

4) I deal with ORACLE and if this is not working in testing phases then we do not upgrade simple as that, I am sure these bugs/errors would have shown up in some form of testing.

In short I want some one from AAT to come on here and explain what these problems actually are. Also when will it be working as I still can not access my results.

Thank you


  • coojee
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    I do tend to agree with you. It's been over a week since the upgrade and bits of the website are still not working properly. I know of students who haven't been able to sit assessments due to the problems. Some haven't been able to get exam results. It seems to be causing problems left, right and centre and there's no explanations forthcoming as to when and if these problems are ever going to be fixed. To be told that you should feel sorry for them having to come in over the weekend is totally unprofessional and unforgivable in my view. You've paid them for a service and if they can't deliver that service then you have every right to complain.
  • Dahir Ahmed
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    Feel sorry for them for doing their job?!. Wow!. Talk about taking the biscuit!. I feel sorry for all those that have been inconvenienced as a result of the "teething" problems brought about by the upgrade. I was all for the upgrade but it is taking way too long for the system to fully function. I'm of those that had an assessment cancelled (exam centre couldn't download it from the AAT yesterday). Arghhhh!.
  • StuartW
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    Hi Bladesman,

    Firstly, I'm sorry to hear you may have experienced service that falls short of the standards AAT sets for its staff. I've forwarded your post to the manager of the team concerned.

    In addition, if you private message me your membership number and email address I'll endeavour to find out the assessment results you're awaiting.

    In terms of the broader picture regarding this service - we took down the assessment results service temporarily due to inaccurate data being shown in members' dashboards. I feel it's important to stress that this inaccurate data is a temporary issue caused by migrating to a new system, and resolving this is a matter of time.

    It's unfortunate that this is taking longer than originally planned, and of course I and everyone at AAT can understand how terribly frustrating it is to not be able to access assessment results. All I can say further at this point is that this service will be up and running soon.

    Sorry I can't be any more specific - please do private message me with your details and I'll do what I can to help.


  • bladesman
    bladesman Registered Posts: 17 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Thank you Stuart,

    I have sent you a private message.
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