Where to sit Spreadsheets Exam?

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Hi All!:001_smile:

I am self study and I cannot find a cheap provider in London to sit spreadsheets exam. As you all know it has to be marked by an assessor and many providers want you to by a separate course.:001_unsure: Does anyone know any cheap ones, or maybe ask in your current college, if you can?

Many thanks!!! :thumbup:


  • Nps
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    Hello, this is a common question. Have a read of the 2 attached links. I posted my experiences on them but I appear to have been very lucky as I have yet to hear of anyone else who struck as lucky.


  • angmc
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    Well if you can get to Manchester cheaply Kaplan have just quoted me £48 as an external student!! And you can choose from Excel 2007 or 2010.
  • taraskyn
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    angmc: Thanks but Manchester is not an option,-too far.

    Nps1976: I think they made a mistake at the time that's why you got lucky.:laugh:

    Kaplan just quoted for speadsheets £48 plus £50 to mark it. Not too bad.
    My wife used to study at City and Islington College, not any more. But she still have friends there. They allowed me to sit all my exams there for £34 each. That's why I am so picky about the price. The only problem with them is that they offer dates way to far in the future. And I can't wait that long.
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