FNPF Exam on Wednesday, please help...

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Hey guys,

I have my FNPF exam on Wednesday and I would be very grateful if you could advise me if the exam is similar to the practice exams. I heard that this is one of the most difficult exams. I found the syllabus to be very similar to BGT which I've taken the exam recently (still waiting for the result, 3 weeks and counting :crying::scared::scared:)

I am struggling with the calculation of annual compound interest rate (CBT 4 task 1.5 c) as I think I need to have a scientific calculator for it so I'm getting one tomorrow.

For those who took the exam recently, it would be a great help if you could let me know your thoughts about it.

Thanks in advance x


  • dizzyhorse
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    Are you allowed to use scientific calculator? We were told we could not use them as you can add formulas to it and cheat. Did you use one?

    Has any one else used one in exam? I had to learn everything by heart. What are the rules? I wanna use one!!
  • SandyHood
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    Here are some definitive facts:
    Are you allowed to use scientific calculator?
    Most definitely. In fact go and buy one if you don't have one and become familiar with it as you study the unit. Don't leave it until the day before your exam.
    you can add formulas to it and cheat
    No you can't. Don't muddle up scientific calculators which are allowed with programmable calculators which are not allowed. You cannot add formulas to standard scientific calculators.

    You still have to learn key accounting techniques, and then use them to answer the exam questions.

    I have no doubts. Take these points as facts.
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