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This is my first post on the AAT forum and I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me a bit of advice!

I have recently become a full member of the AAT and currently work as an accounts assistant for a small company. What I really want to do is work in an accounts practice. For weeks I have been job hunting (mainly through agencies admittedly), I have sent off my CV for a few jobs I think I am eligible for...however most jobs in actually practices require practice experience which I obviously don't have. I have also sent my CV off to a number of places and received the standard response - no vacancies but they will keep my details on file.

Basically, what I want to know is - am I being realistic given the current job situation (I live in the North East) - with my AAT qualification do people think I will be able to get a job in practice? Do I just need to persevere?

I am starting to feel a wee bit demotivated about it all to be honest. My next step was to approach a local agency (Hays) and see if they could review my CV or find me any potential temporary work which would help build up my experience...I would really hate to feel I had spent all this time and effort doing my AAT only to end up stuck in the same job anyway!!

Thank you for your help.
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