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This is my first post on the AAT forum and I was wondering if anyone might be able to give me a bit of advice!

I have recently become a full member of the AAT and currently work as an accounts assistant for a small company. What I really want to do is work in an accounts practice. For weeks I have been job hunting (mainly through agencies admittedly), I have sent off my CV for a few jobs I think I am eligible for...however most jobs in actually practices require practice experience which I obviously don't have. I have also sent my CV off to a number of places and received the standard response - no vacancies but they will keep my details on file.

Basically, what I want to know is - am I being realistic given the current job situation (I live in the North East) - with my AAT qualification do people think I will be able to get a job in practice? Do I just need to persevere?

I am starting to feel a wee bit demotivated about it all to be honest. My next step was to approach a local agency (Hays) and see if they could review my CV or find me any potential temporary work which would help build up my experience...I would really hate to feel I had spent all this time and effort doing my AAT only to end up stuck in the same job anyway!!

Thank you for your help.


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    Keep will find a job eventually. Write to some companies, even if they are not advertising for staff, with more than just your cv. Send them a covering letter telling them what you can do within their company. They will like your enthusiasm. Try doing some volunteer work to gain experience, ie local church or football club accounts. Put this in your cv too. You will find a job! Chin up! :thumbup1:
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    Agree with TC, just keep trying. Not easy in the current climate, but if you can demonstrate that you really want to work in practice, then I am sure you will get your opportunity eventually. Not sure what your current role is, but if you get chance to be involved with the payroll and any P11d disclosures, get involved with the preparation of any management accounts, year end statutory accounts and corporation tax, could help you gain experience that will be useful for an accounts practice, good luck.
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    You should be ok finding a job in practice. I am looking for a job in industry and was speaking to some recruitment agencies earlier and they were all saying no-one wants a job in practice at the moment so if you do there may not be as much competition as you at firt might think
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    Primble was that a joke lol, we are finding the opposite people in industry bored of the routine and want to get into practise. We have loads and loads of cvs come through every day and week. PS the pay is rubbish but long term over takes industry and the security which comes with experience beats industry hands down. Practise is like a marathon you keep going and win, industry is like sprinting off in a marathon you die off near the end lol... imo, imo, imo I hasten to add.
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    ps. recruitment agencies can,t get people practise jobs more like.
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