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So the fun begins!!! Recieved my scenario today and doing Inkwell, am feeling so overwhelmed and I have only read the case study!! Can anyone give me any pointers as to where to start. Thanks.


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    Firstly, relax! A huge amount of AAT students have done this module and have passed, and you will too.

    Case study, for me, was the best way to go as you have all of the information at your fingertips. If you were to have done a work-place scenario, you would have had to have done all the research yourself.

    Go through the case study a couple of times and perhaps get a big sheet of paper and write out columns for purchase ledger, sales ledger and any other departments that are mentioned in your case study (I didn't do Inkwell, but there may be paragraphs that relate to failures in the IT system or payroll, etc). Note down in bullet-point form all of the alarming things that happen in these departments, or things that perhaps you would do differently if you were to run these departments. From there, you can establish which department you would like to focus on for your report. You can do a couple - I think I focused on sales ledger and IT in mine.

    This is just a starting point and when you go through the case study a few times and get to 'know' the company, you will find that you can pick out extra things that you would like to mention in your report.

    The ICAS report is basically picking holes in the current system and explaining how you would go about changing it. Do a bit of research on the Internet about SWOT analysis and pop this in your appendix, along with a structure chart of the company and a cost benefit analysis (basically, how much you think it would cost the company to make things better, or more efficient).

    ICAS is nothing to be scared of and is actually an enjoyable break from taking an exam. I wish you lots of luck!
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