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Diddy Mau
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Hello All.

I hope this week isn't to stressful, the long weekend is almost here :lol:
I need to ask if the following is possible and how to achieve this.

I have been asked to alter the COA in Sage for the B/S. I have already altered the P&L to suit the business. So I'm happy enough to do this.
I now need the B/S to show Creditors to be paid in the next 30 days, and ideally Creditors 30 days overdue.

Is it as simple as altering the Suppliers information, to be paid in 30 days. and the B/S will show this.

is this possible or would I need to produce another report. I have been asked to include on Sage B/S.


  • Amanda105
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    Straight off i would say you cant do that as the information for the balance sheet is being drawn from the nominal code not the sales ledger.

    You would have to do a manual spreadsheet on excel or similar.

    You can make it look just like the sage one and then just split down the debtors off the aged debters report, which you get off the sales ledger.

    You could always just sage a call though and make sure
  • Diddy Mau
    Diddy Mau Registered Posts: 238 🎆 🐘 🎆
    Hi Amanda

    I had a feeling this was the case.

    many thanks:thumbup1:
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