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I am waiting for the internal verifier to pass off my project, as my tutor passed my project off as competent on May 13th.

AAT have failed since the site upgrade to sort out the viewing of statement of achievements.

I cannot say i have passed my AAT qualification until it shows on my statement of achievement, as such it is stopping me from updating my C.V. and from getting back into work.

Does anyone know how long the internal verifier takes?


  • Nps
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    You haven't actually passed AAT until it is internally verified. I'm sure it will be if your tutor has marked it as competent, but AAT ultimately have the final say.

    That said, I can't see why not being able to see your Statement of Achievement will stop you from updating your CV? And if you can update your CV, apply for a job, get an interview, and then be asked to verify your AAT pass by showing your Statement of Achievement, all in the time it takes them to sort out the website (or send you a copy in the post if you ask), then the job market is not in the dire straits I feared it was!

    I'm not sure you can blame their IT failure for you not getting back into work!

    As for your question about how long it takes to verify, mine took weeks but then then I suspect my tutor didn't upload it for quite a while.
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    omega man wrote: »
    Does anyone know how long the internal verifier takes?

    Mine was a week for the internal verifier, but it took a few weeks and a phone call to AAT to see my SoA updated... (which I still can't see since the upgrade).
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