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I am doing the e-learning granting credit module and I am on page 8 of 10 numerical entry (multiple). I have completed the credit score boxes for this year and they all show correct as did the total score of 20. In the box to the right the risk assessment grades 20 - 1 as low risk yet AAT say this answer is wrong and it is very low risk even though that is 60 - 21. I am missing something


  • janwal
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    I have just done the credit score and also got 20, it does say low risk got no idea why they say it is a very low risk as it shows it's worked out correct.
  • welshwizard
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    There are a couple of these e-learning questions with errors throughout the e-learning suite. Provided you can identify the correct score and add them up, then award the correct assessment, you will be fine. You must remember that assessment tasks go through far more rigorous quality checks than these e-learning tasks and, even if you had got the assessment decision wrong your would still have got up to 4 marks for getting each ratio score correct so, effectively, you still had 80% of the task correct.

    Remember the AAT give a lot of credit for the workings as well as the actual final answer so, for example, if you don't have a balancing Statement of Financial Position, you may still be competent as your workings (e.g. cost of sales) may be incorrect but how you've used figures (e.g. the cost of sales figure) is actually correct.
  • MariaL
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    Thank you janwal and welshwizard. I was sure I was right but just wanted to double check I wasn't missing anything. I have emailed AAT to mention the error although the automatic reply says that I may not get a response for 10 working days due to the high volume of emails they are receiving due to the upgrade.
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