Financial Performance Exam

donna8260 Registered Posts: 27 ? ? ?
Just sat my FP exam, does anyone know how many marks the written tasks carry? My second task was
really nasty don't think I will get many marks at all. I suppose what I really want to know is can you still achieve 70% on a section even if you don't get any marks for the written task .



  • sgafo
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    How did you find your exam? was it similar to the practice CBA and the past papers?
  • donna8260
    donna8260 Registered Posts: 27 ? ? ?

    The exam was fine just like the practice assessments, make sure you know your variances and what they represent
    Inside out!!! Written questions, on the first question I had to explain why there was variances from a scenario but the
    second question was awful!!!! Had to produce an income statement from data given then compare with original data
    and explain what was the best product to use and explain why.
  • Omer AYDINLI
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    Honestly Donna,
    My FNFP written tasks was rubbish if compared to FNST and Budgeting but in the end I have passed.
    I think that the examiner was very tolerant person.
  • anniebabe
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    someone in my class didn't meet the written part and still passed - so you could have a chance - fingers crossed.
  • Amanda105
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    I too am awaiting results

    I have to admit the majority of people in my class, found that you just didnt have enough time to complete this exam.

    I have been out of all my other exams with the half time mark, but this one.... no chance, i just didnt get chance to finish the last written question. so fingers crossed here too.

    I think AAT should look at the amount of time you have for this exam. obviously we would never want the AAT exams dumbed down, but more time at least on these types.

    Good luck everyone, fingers, toes and legs crossed for us all
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