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Hi all
Looking for some advice really from those of you that have done it. I am coming to the end of level 3 with just spreadsheets to take in a couple of weeks and a few people at college have been talking about level 4. When I started level 3 I found it a big jump from level 2, quite hard & difficult to fit in all the home study time.
I was wondering if anyone could say how much harder they found it from level 3 & if there was any suggestions about the extra study at home outside of college.
I do want to do it as I've got to level 3 & I would love to complete it by doing level 4 but I'm not sure I'm clever enough to & I know its another year of not getting out much & stressful times lol.
Thanks in advance for any replies. Would love to hear how others have found it & got on.


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    Hi Kelly,

    I believe the difficulty of the jump up in level is entirely dependent on the individual, so it's difficult to answer that question. I personally felt the jump up from level 2 to 3, to be more difficult than 3 to 4 but I don't know if that was maybe because I hit my stride at that point.

    I feel that if you can do level 3, that you can do level 4. The biggest stress for me is waiting for exam results.
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    Thanks for the reply. Might speak to my teachers who I have atm & see what they think. X
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    It definitely depends on the individual as I found level 3 to level 4 a much bigger jump than between 2 and 3.

    If you're worried about the stress and not getting out much, why not take longer to do level 4? Who says you have to do it in a year. If college set down a strict timetable, why not look at distance learning and take it at your own speed? Take it one module at a time, and take as long as you need with it, and only start thinking about the next one when you've finished the last. There's nothing wrong with slow and steady if level 4 seems daunting.
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