How to approach Financial Statements

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I have recently began my studies for level financial statements. It has been some time since I completed level 3 and I'm finding the module very hard going. Any advice on the best way to approach my studies and what are the key areas to focus on would be very helpful.




  • Jo Clark
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    Maybe a recap of AP1/AP2 would help?

    Are you self studying or attending college?
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  • chris09
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    Thank you for your reply!

    Unfortunately I study via distance learning where I have the text book and work from home. I think going over AP1 and AP2 will prove helpful. As a rough guide would you know how many study hours would be required for financial statements?

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    Hi Chris, you may have more replies if you posted this in the level 4 part but anyway I paniced when I saw all my fnst paperwork mid March, I study around 20 hours over the week and I have booked my exam early next month. I really struggled with consolidated accounts and still now am overwhelmed how much is in this exam. Take it at your own pace and people are really helpful on here if you get stuck :001_smile:
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