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hi guys

i finished Level 3 last month and i am now starting level 4 from distance learning.

All my books have arrived. i was wondering if people who have started studying could help me decide which order to tackle level 4. I know i should do Personal Tax before Business tax, but what about the others? i was gonig to start with Financial statements but a lady at work said this is quite a hard unit and best to leave that until one of my last units is this correct?

i know every one is different but would be nice to hear what other students have found/ or wish they knew before they started! THanks



  • Kris1990
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    Hi Lauren

    I've been looking at the same thing as I'll be starting level 4 in September. From what I've read, there's no definitive order to sit level 4 but some units follow on from units studied at level 3. If you sat Accounts Prep 1 & 2 last, start with Financial Statements, if you sat Costs & Revenues last, start with Budgeting and follow with Financial Performance.

    If it helps I'm going to be sitting level 4 in the following order:

    Financial Performance
    Financial Statements
    Personal Tax
    Business Tax
  • Jo Clark
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    Budgeting before Financial Performance.

    Financial Statements is kind of stand alone but the ratios in it are useful for Financial Performance.
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  • wannabebean
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    I did mine thus

    BTX (left to do)

    If I was doing the whole thing again:

    LEVEL 3

    I would do:

    Spreadsheet Software first (rather than last)
    Cash Management
    Professional Ethics
    Indirect Tax
    Sole Trader and Partnership Accounts
    Costs and Revenues

    Thats the way I did it first time except I left Spreadsheets to last. This caused a delay between finishing level 3 and starting Level 4. Try to avoid this delay.

    From the above - Level 4

    Straight into

    Bugeting then



    If you want to be really ambitious go straight from Costs and Revenues into FNPF. Or if you are super ambitious do API and APII last and go straight into FNST!

    Basically, FNPF and Budgeting follows on from Costs and Revenues and FNST follows on from API and APII.

    It is difficlut, though, to do level 3 and finish on API and APII, I suppose.

    Perhaps then:

    Start Level 3 on super easy Professional Ethics then get Spread-Sheets out of the way. Then get to the heart of book-keeping with API and APII. Then do Cash Management then VAT then the hardest Level 3 - Costs and Reveues then straight to Level 4 FNPF. Chill out next with Budgeting before the big step to FNST. Relax with ICAS before the straightforward Personal Tax and finish with harder BTX.
  • janwal
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    The only thing is if you have ordered the tax books as well you need to make sure you take the exam before the new tax rules come in as then they will be out of date.

    Good luck
  • Clarekaye
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    I am studying through Eagle, and I think what they do with level 3 and 4 is give you the hardest first and the rest seem easy so for level 4 I just took FNST, then studying Financial Performance then budgeting then I choose the two I want to do.
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