Inkwell case study - some guidance and help

KIRANK Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
Can anyone please advice if i need to suggest a new accouting software for the company.
i feel current system is intergrated and can be better used with more internal control and training.

or i am on wrong track.
any advice would be useful.



  • Morpheus1980
    Morpheus1980 Registered Posts: 120 🎆 🐘 🎆
    Hi Kirank. I didn't do the Inkwell case study, but a good thing to do for the case study is to do a bit of research into different accounting packages that are available (e.g., Sage, Quick Books etc). You can then use this to suggest what accounting package could benefit the company. You can also include how much the package costs in the 'cost and benefit' analysis. Both the research into the accounting packages and the cost and benefit analysis can be put in your appendix, so that it is not included in your word count.

    The case study may also refer to whether the company use a networked system or not, and you can also do a bit of research into the advantages and disadvantages of a networked system. This can also be put in your appendix.
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