Costs and revnues question help

Hi all,

can anyone tell me why AAT have the fixed costs answer as 150,000 (ignore screen shot answer)

I made it £60,000 as i though the fixed cost had already been added in to the drivers wage or so i thought :S

60,000 * 0.50 = 30,000

+ fixed costs of £30000

total = £60,000

not sure what i am doing wrong ?

seriously want to go outside this is killing me :tongue_smilie:

would be grateful for any help as always please


  • topcat
    topcat Registered Posts: 452
    ah i have it now was 54,000+66,000+30,000 i really am an idiot at times
  • Nps
    Nps Registered Posts: 782
    Not at all, I answered the same query for someone the other day! Was just hunting the link out for you.
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