What to do next????

dan1983 Registered Posts: 33 ? ? ?
Hi just a quick question,

I passes my ba2 exam on Friday and was wondering what module to do next, either basic costing or sage.
What would you recommend?


  • bladesman
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    Sage a pretty long winded exam and can take a while to get your results. I would advise doing that and getting it out of the way.

    I have my Basic costing exam tomorrow and to be honest I have found this part of the course pretty straight forward and it is a nice one to learn to wind down and get ready for Level 3.

    (that's my personal preference)

    Either way you decide good luck.
  • dan1983
    dan1983 Registered Posts: 33 ? ? ?
    That's what I was thinking,

    Thanks for your reply.
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