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Can anyone tell me what to expect in the spreadsheets exam, like the number of tasks? Kaplan have given me a 2011-2012 text book which says the exam is 90mins long, but i've looked at the 2012-13 one on engage and it says its 2hrs 30 mins!! Also the revision book Kaplan have given me with practice assessments says time allowed for each scenario is 90mins so I'm a bit confused.
Is there just more than one scenario to do in the exam?



  • JennyT
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    I've just had a date for my exam for spreadsheets and the time allowed is 2 1/2 hours.

    Not sure of the exam set up as I've only just started this module.
  • Vlee
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    I've also just received Kaplan books, both 2012-2013, and it's 2.5 hrs plus 15 mins reading time. How does this work with the 90 min scenarios? Strange!
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    From what I remember the 2 key things were remembering the If statement and print the whole sheet on one page with a heading in the centre etc.
    This was 12 months ago
    Good Luck
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