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Hi Guys
Someone has given me an Osborne text book for ICAS - but I think it is from 2011 or 12
Does anyone know if the sylabus has changed - will the book still be ok to use?



  • janwal
    janwal Registered Posts: 1,189

    Last years BPP was exactly the same as this years, all they did was change the cover

  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    ok, thanks Jan, hows the studying going? which exam are you doing next?
  • janwal
    janwal Registered Posts: 1,189
    As you can see from my signature, study this year not going too well, unfortunately had some personal problems.
    I have PTX left at the end of the month and to submit my ICAS. I am then going to go back to self study the rest and take the exams when I feel ready.

    How are you doing?
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    Morning Jan
    I am waiting for my FNST result to come back, sat it last week, not holding my breath on if i passed because i didnt balance my task 1 and 2 on section 1, think it was just 1 of the adjustments that i messed up - but wouldnt want to put money on it.
    My consolidation balanced and I attempted everything else, but there were a few things that threw me (doesnt help not knowing what the question pass marks are to judge whether I think ive passed or not).
    Starting ICAS at the end of July with BPP couldnt get an earlier start date, they were booked up.
    I am sure you will start passing when you get yourself sorted out, I think I have only passed everything upto now becauseI have done one unit at a time, it seems to have taken me longer than other people to get through this course - but I try not to let it get me down, as long as I am achieving I am happy, not everyone can be super fantastic and get through it all in 6 months, so just work at your own pace. you have my email if you want to chat.
    Have a good day. :)
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