Quickbooks network issue

Barry Gould
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I am a member in practice, who works from home. I have just taken on a lady part time to do some book-keeping work on Quickbooks. I have added her as a multi user for Quickbooks, but she can only enter data when my machine is sat next to hers as she can access my network. The plan is for her to do work in her own time, whether that be evening or morning whatever, but because she works from her home and not from my home, she cannot access my hosting network so the work she does, does not update the company on my machine.

Has any MIP had this experience, and if so how did they get round it. I have been told that having a server at home wouldnt work as it would grind my machine to a standstill. I have spoke to Quickbooks who dont seem to understand what i am trying to do, i have also spoke the IT guy that i use, who hasnt found a solution either. The only option i can see is her backing up what she does on a memory stick and then letting me restore onto my machine, which seems to be a nightmare way of doing it.

Any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated.
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