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We started spreadsheets last week at college and have our exam next week, not much time and we've just been working through questions given to us and asking our teacher when we are stuck - which is a lot for me as I haven't done much work with spreadsheets before.
Not sure if this isn't working because I have a different version of excel at home but I have the formula...


I have copied this down the column but they are all showing as 0. Can anyone help as to where I have gone wrong? I thought the 0 at the end of my formula set the order?



  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Kelly

    What version of Excel are you using? I don't think it should make any difference.

    Do you have the data you are using? If so can you paste it here or send to me?

    I'm not sure that you need the second set of brackets around the cell range ($N$7:$N$12).

    The sort criteria can be 1 or 0 depending on ascending and descending order.

    Try the formula =RANK(N7,$N$7:$N$12,0)

    JC :o
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