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College interview any advice?

VleeVlee Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 136

Right I think I have an interview tomorrow - I let them know I had made childcare choices which meant I had to change the timings I was interested in and give them the option to cancel, but no response so far so I presume they are expecting me.

The interview is for L3 but I probably won't do L3 in college as I have started already, including buying SDST module from Kaplan. However I think I may do L4, either by doing L3 really quickly or waiting until next year. Whatever I decide this is probably a good opportunity to learn about the course, talk to someone who teaches it but also has work experience and I can find out what else is better about college.

So any tips on how to be taken seriously? How to convince them I'm good enough - I don't have L2 but have studied it and passed the AAT skills check. And how I can make the most of the experience? So far I've only spoken to people over the phone and they don't want to know and even questioned whether I can afford the course fees argh! I feel like it will be a battle and want to turn it into a productive and friendly discussion. Help!


  • NieNie New Member Registered Posts: 12
    I'm starting level 3 at college in September and found that, despite them all telling me that they don't let people skip level 2 very often, the tutors were really receptive to my skipping level 2. (I actually wondered if that was their way of testing my confidence :001_smile:.)

    Print out your results from the AAT skill check and that should be enough. You're obviously self-motivated, so figure out a way to show that to the tutors and talk about your commitment to your studies and how quickly you've managed to learn the level 2 material. Let the tutors know that you have a long term plan for your studies and career as well, if you know that you want to go on to chartered accountancy mention that. Really anything that will reassure them that you've thought this all through.

    If your plan is to only do level 4 with the college then I'd reckon that once you have passed the level 3 exams they'd have no reason not to take you onto level 4 next year. You could try asking for conditional acceptance onto level 4, just in case you manage to finish all (or most) of the level 3 exams before September.

    I've read a few of your posts and briefly entertained the idea of trying to finish level 3 on my own before September as well. Maybe it's just the book that I bought for Account Prep, but it doesn't seem as obvious and straight forward as all the level 2 learning was.
  • LewiswoodsLewiswoods New Member Registered Posts: 10
    I had to have an interview today for level 3 and I only have gcse's but I got accepted, I think as long as you show that you are reasonably comfortable with the basics of level 2 and can show that you are confident then they don't really mind to much about you skipping level 2 :)
  • VleeVlee Well-Known Registered Posts: 136
    argh pop up for questionnaire deleted my response.

    anyway thanks for that, I'm glad you guys have had a good experience. I hope things will go well face to face. I've only had very negative conversations over the phone and email. They really don't want me, they've been rude and dismissive. My husband is asking to come to support me because of the email I had today. I have a degree from a top university and very good work experience with very transferable skills.

    I probably could do L3 in three months if I pushed myself or got more childcare. But really I want to take my time and enjoy it, I can't apply for work for a couple of year. Although Nps is very inspiring doing it in a month or so.

    I definitely want to go all the way to chartered. I also have medium term plans for work experience and voluntary work. I am super serious and determined and if I do get my L3 alone I will be emailing back to see if they deem me worthy for L4.
  • VleeVlee Well-Known Registered Posts: 136
    Huge disaster! The tutor was fab and told me I could do it but the administrator kept hammering home the fact that there were no places among other things - big argument but luckily my husband insisted on attending with me because he saw the email I had been sent. Very upsetting and I hardly slept worrying about it.

    It looks like self study is the best option and I was told I may get bored by the slower pace, plus the old syllabus would be better too. I do really fancy college, particularly day time so I will get going on L3 and perhaps sign up next year for L4. It was great to discuss the course more generally and solidify my ideas and plans. I feel even more sure I'm doing the right thing, despite the negativity I've had elsewhere. I'm very excited to get started but today has left me drained so I will take a break from anything AAT for the moment.
  • NieNie New Member Registered Posts: 12
    Sorry to hear that you've had such bad experiences with the colleges.

    I'm going the college route because it's cheaper than self-study, but I'm definitely concerned about the pace. (I'm also a graduate of a university graduate.) But there's also the opportunity for work experience and I need some decent UK references.
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